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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup the Koolin' Klothz Hard Hat Insert?
  • Get the Hard Hat Insert wet.
  • The rough seams of the insert be facing towards the suspension of
    the hard hat.
  • The inside flap of the insert will come up around the
    suspension in the front and stop, facing away from the forehead.
  • The rest of the insert will fold over the suspension and attach to
    the flap with the rest of the insert folding up over the edge of the
How do I clean Koolin' Klothz?

For the Koolin' Klothz, machine wash or hand wash. Use a small amount of soap. They are like a sponge so be sure to rinse well. Just make sure there are no bubbles coming out of them after you wash them. Fold them into the shape you would like and let them dry.


For lingering smells you can use Apple Cider Vinegar in the rinse.

How do I use a Koolin' Kloth?

When you need them, just get them wet (hot or cold water), wave them in the air and you are ready to go. You can also use Koolin' Klothz for drying purposes too.

How do Koolin' Klothz compare when used in a work environment? Are gel neckbands better to keep employees cool?

When used in a work environment, Koolin' Klothz is the superior product 99% of the time because of it's weight, it's ease of use, and its ability to stay cold for longer periods of time.

The gel or beaded neckband needs to be soaked in cool water for 15-45 minutes before use. They swell with the water and are heavy around the neck. To recharge them, you have to soak them back in cold water, or put them in the ice chest, refrigerator or freezer. They sometimes will leak out onto your skin. You cannot wash them in the washing machine to clean them. When you use soap to wash them, they absorb the soap. They are disposable after just a few uses if for that long. Then they promote waste by going back to our land fills.

Koolin' Klothz however can be used with hot or cold water. They cool within one minute. They are absorbent to keep sweat out of the eyes. They are washable and durable. They are lighter weight and dry with hardly any weight to them at all. Finally, they last for years - so you don't have to keep buying your employees new ones.